Anime Words and Definitions

Kawaii - the word I use the most and it means cute or adorable.


Senpai - refers to your superior usually in the workplace or school.


Otaku - referes to something you are obsessed with and in the western world we usually use it to refer to the asian culture.


Chibi - another one I love, it means something that is small. I would call those miniature horses "chibi".



Lolita - this is one I use a lot for the products in my store. Lolita is used when japanese dress in victorian style clothing and appear doll-like.


Manga - this is the written anime story.


Pokcy - is a yummy cookie stick. You probably see them in your grocery store in the asian section.




Waifu - means wifey


Husbando - of course means husband but sounds like a Spanish term.


Weeb - someone who loves anime so much that they want to be the anime. 


Shonen - means boy.


Genki - full of energy and upbeat


Seinen - mature man






Kohi - since this anime girl is holding a coffee drink I thought I would look up the word coffee in japanese. So here you go.


Crunchyroll - Anime pay channel.


Onigiri - rice ball


Taiyaki - fish shaped bread


Sutabakkusu - This is how you say Starbucks in japanese


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