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The Newest Kid's Costumes

We have just added a few great new kid's costumes to the store. Like this new Ladybug costumes: Superhero masks and capes help make a kid's party memorable with a take home gift to play with.  Voltron is a new bodysuit that would be great for a Con. Gohon makes a great cosplay.

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Anime Magnets

Anime magnets make great gifts. We carry One Piece magnets, Naruto magnets, Witch magnets, Black Butler magnets and there's more to choose from. Little reminders of what you love every time you walk in the kitchen or look at your whiteboard, or inside your locker. Keep Naruto, Luffy or Goku with you wherever you go.     Order magnets from one of our collections for a great gift for your anime lover.

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Love Live Cosplays

Love Live!! is one of my favorite cosplays because there are so many to choose from. Love Live!! Has been adapted from Manga into anime, music videos, video games, and music. Here is a look at just a few of the costumes carried at Ashley's Cosplay Cache. I love that you and your friends can cosplay as a unified group with all the options in the Love Live!! cosplays. 

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