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Interview with SAFire Arts Part I of II

I had the pleasure of interviewing SAFire for my blog. She is very talented in acting, writing, and creating. She is also very talented cosplayer, who started at 23 years old, and you will see how talented she is through her amazing photoshoots.

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Miss Moonity as Sonoda

Miss Moonity is cosplaying Sonoda from Love Live in this kimono cosplay. Love Live - Choose from so many Love Live cosplays, wigs, keychains, action figures, jewelry, and gifts and more for your Love Live fan. Honoka becomes determined to save her school once she finds out that the attendance was so low that it was going to be cancelled. Honoka starts her own musical group to try to save the school. Some interesting facts about Love Live: Did you know that Honoka’s favorite food is strawberries? Also, Mari’s mother is Japanese and her father is Italian-American so she uses some English words while she is speaking. Hanamaru wants to one day become a writer. We do birthday shoutouts on...

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