Everything Danganronpa! Cosplays, jewelry, apparel and more.

Danganronpa - Danganronpa is a video game that has been adapted into two anime series which I currently watch on Hulu. The premise is that the students who are trapped behind irons walls in a school called Hope’s Peak Academy are forced to kill someone and get away with it in order to be released. The principal of the school is a black and white bear called Monokuma. Dangan means “bullet” and ronpa means “refute”. A few cool facts about the anime: The stitching along Ibuki Mioda’s leg is actually a tattoo; most of the characters did not know that Sakura was a girl until she told them. Our Danganronpa Collection has all the character costumes you need to choose from for your next cosplay event. Junko is my favorite and wears the cutest schoolgirl uniform. Celestia looks amazing with that bold hair of hers and Nagito’s costumes would look great on anyone. Great gifts such as Danganronpa’s scarf, or Monokuma’s wallet, mousepads and more are available for great gifting options. If you would like to send us a photo, we could feature you for several days on our homepage if the photo is well-lit. Shipping times are usually 12 to 21 days but times always vary, so plan ahead for your comic con, photoshoot, or any other event you are going to wear Danganronpa!