Girls' Frontline

Girls’ Frontline -  Released in China in 2016, the Tactical Dolls each represent a firearm. Our Girls’ Frontline Collection includes cosplays like UMP 45, Kar98-k, UMP 9, MG36 and more. Please feel free to share a picture of you and your friends wearing any of the Girls’ Fronline cosplays, wigs, arm badges, jackets, or t-shirts. Girls’ Frontline costumes are edgy with a little goth and would be awesome to wear anytime of the year. Girls’ Frontline products also make great gifts for lovers of the game. We have excellent choices such as, phone straps, tactical watches that glow, gift boxes, luggage, and scarves. Some interesting facts about Girls’ Frontline: Did you know that this game is only on iOS and Android? I was not aware that the game is set in Russia since it has the anime theme to it.  If you would like to send us a photo we could feature you for several days on our homepage if the photo is well-lit. Shipping times are usually 12 to 21 days but times always vary, so plan ahead for your comic con, photoshoot or any other event you are going to wear Girls’ Frontline.